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O veche poezie…

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Am descoperit recent o veche poezie de-a mea… E cam ciudata, e scrisa in limba engleza si e si cam depresiva. Eh, tampenie scrisa de un copil de clasa a 7-a :P

Cine vrea sa o citeasca… 


It’s like a human heart

that’s rotten in my  head,

It’s like a blade of steel

that’s chopping trough my brain,

It’s like a stack of bones

to whom I’m tied with chains,

It’s like an ancient sword

that’s slashing off my veins!

It’s like a bath of blood

that’s washing off my soul,

It’s like a puppeteer

that’s making me it’s doll,

It’s like my thoughts are kingpins

and blown away by balls,

It’s like I have no ration

and I’m losing my control!

It’s like I have no body

and I am just a flame,

It’s like I wasn’t guilty

and now’s my time to blame,

It’s like I’m always right

my truth I’ve got to claim,

It’s like there’s nothing left

and that it’s all the same…

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