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Pe mess cu Spartan Nigra

Posted by cedik in Pe mess

Eu si cu Spartan Nigra pe mess! Sper ca nu se supara ca public asta! 

Spartan Nigra: Do you like spartan niggers?
Cedik: nope
Cedik: me a rasist
Spartan Nigra: we spartans have bigger penis than u
Spartan Nigra: :>
Cedik: yeah, just as big as asians
Cedik: :P
Spartan Nigra: fail
Spartan Nigra: Trebuia sa zici
Spartan Nigra: So all your dicks sumed up outlength mine?I can live with that
Cedik: :))
Spartan Nigra: BLACKS 1- SPARTANS 1 – RACISM 0
Cedik: *kicks spartan nigra in the balls… the score is still 1 -0 for him, but at least now he won’t bear any offsprings
Cedik: B-)
Spartan Nigra: I still have 7 more to go
Spartan Nigra: :>
Spartan Nigra: Cuz All spartan niggers are Anon
Spartan Nigra: Thus anon is one
Spartan Nigra: Anon is many

Spartan Nigra… mare figura! Jos palaria in fata lui! :))

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